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About EASE Conflict Resolution Services

The Mediator’s Role

Mediators play a neutral role in the process.  They do not side with a person, an issue, a proposed solution or declare an outcome as right or wrong, better or worse.  As neutrals, mediators ask questions and guide people through the steps in the mediation process and help them develop their decisions and/or agreements.

Mission Statement

At EASE Conflict Resolution Services, our mission is to help people resolve their conflicts and enable them to move forward in their lives by providing quality and dignified mediation services.

We are committed to providing a peaceful and an innovative environment for parties to craft tailor-made agreements to resolve their disputes and reduce the financial and emotional costs of their complaint.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be the most trusted and customers' first choice mediation center by bringing quick and effective conflict resolving solutions and adding happiness to our customers’ lives.

We are focused to empower people to navigate conflicts in ways that build equitable interactions and never-ending relationships.

I am eternally grateful for Eleanor and EASE Conflict Resolutions. Our family had a difficult time managing legal affairs for our parents.  We didn't want and more importantly couldn't afford lawyers.  Working with EASE allowed us to maintain our relationships, find an agreeable solution and stay connected.

Kim B.


EASE is here to help!


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