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EASE Conflict Resolution Services

How can EASE help me?

EASE Conflict Resolution Services provide a proactive mediator for every situation.  EASE guides participants with passion, an open-mind and holistic approach to conflict resolution.  Our participant centered process is inclusive and accessible to all ages, backgrounds, under-represented groups, and cultures. 

Mediator’s Role:

Mediators play a neutral role in the process.  They do not side with a person, an issue, a proposed solution or declare an outcome as right or wrong, better or worse.  As neutrals, mediators ask questions and guide people through the steps in the mediation process and help them develop their decisions and/or agreements.


MN Rule 114 protects mediation discussions, communications, and notes from being discovered and used as evidence in court as well as prevents a mediator from being called as a witness in a trial. What happens in mediation is as confidential as the settlement negotiations between lawyers and their clients.

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